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Hello, my name is Coach Delisa Deavenport, MBA, CPC. My mission is to work with service-oriented, small business owners to motivate, lead and empower employees by cultivating the employee experience resulting in employees with strong engagement, high productivity, driven innovation and delivering quality customer service in a happy, healthy environment. I am a certified Zig Ziglar speaker, a certified Ziglar Legacy instructor, a Distinguished Toastmaster, a certified Professional Coach from Professional Coach Academy and a best-selling International author. I worked in the public accounting and nonprofit world for over 30 years and have held numerous board positions with nonprofits dear to my heart. I am a member of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Christian Church in Burton, MI. I am a Texan girl living in a Michigan world recently moving to live near family. I work out of both the Dallas and the Detroit surrounding metro areas. I am the proud wife of hero, Larry Deavenport.