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Coach Delisa Deavenport is the founder of Healthy Evolutions, LLC, a coaching company that focuses on learning quieting techniques to find your direction, purpose, and joy.Coach Delisa shares her message to “Find Your Direction in Your Quiet” and authored a book by the same title, published in March 2019. She describes her life with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder and how she finally learned to manage her anxiety, quit drinking and find joy and purpose. She is currently writing a book titled “One Man’s Courage, One Mother’s Strength”, the story of fighting for her son’s survival from the brink of death from alcohol abuse, significant brain damage, serious liver damage, severe malnutrition, and dehydration. Her determination, guidance, and support resulted in a remarkable recovery over the last two years. Her son became a United States postal worker in January 2020; something doctors never thought would happen.Before devoting her life’s work to coaching and public speaking, Delisa worked in the nonprofit finance world after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Walsh College and her MBA in Leadership from Argosy University. She is an active member of Toastmasters, a certified speaker and Legacy instructor from the Ziglar Corporation, a certified coach from the Professional Coach Academy and her proudest accomplishment - “granny’ to a precious little boy named DJ. She will obtain her Distinguished Toastmaster award on June 30th and is currently working on her Speaker Accreditation.