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Author : Christina Gallina-Flood

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Today she is a powerful speaker and ministry leader, but it was Christina's own painful and personal journey from sexual abuse that brought her to this place. With a life in crisis, she began a relentless search for truth and healing. As Christina began to experience true freedom from the pain of the past, she was filled with a desire to help others do the same, and God began to bring hurting souls to her in earnest. Her journey of healing and helping has spanned more than twenty years as she has worked with pastors, churches, and community outreach to bring the message of deliverance to others. Through mentoring, inner healing prayer, and leading support groups such as Celebrate Recovery and now her own S.H.O.U.T support group, Christina has witnessed amazing results for those seeking healing. She loves people unconditionally, and cares deeply for their needs. As a speaker, counselor and executive director of Healing Hearts Home, the Lord uses Christina to bring hope, help and healing to others. Christina studies under esteemed mentors and doctors to gain wisdom in the field of mental health and has obtained an Associate Degree in Pastoral Christian Counseling; she is dedicated to the goal of attaining her Doctorate. Christina’s energy and enthusiasm are both contagious and inspiring as she continues to share her life stories and how the Lord has set her free from the addictions, hurts, and wounds left by sexual abuse and trauma.