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Author : Calah Wesley

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Health can mean many things to many people. In order to achieve any sense of health, we must learn balance. We must balance our needs, our wants, our surroundings, and those we love in order to provide health for each one. Cultivate Nutrition is a culmination of the desire to balance each of those facets to the best of our ability. My name is Calah Wesley. I live locally in Saint Clair County with my husband, two children, and multiple dogs. I have designed a service tailored to every resident of this county and beyond. Cultivate is a Nutrition-based Meal Planning service that incorporates your health goals, family size, and budget to provide customized weekly meal plans delivered straight to you. Cultivate offers an online grocery-cart setup, virtually alleviating the stress of healthful meal planning & grocery shopping. With a Master’s in Nutrition in Integrative Health, I use my knowledge-base to provide meal plans that are anything but boring! Attempt new cuisines, learn skills, or simply enjoy providing nutritionally-based foods for your family. Every part of life requires balance, let me make yours a little easier.