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Are We Nuts? Protesting or Rioting?

     By Kathleen Knowles

“Are We Nuts?  That is the question many people must be asking themselves when they see what is going on across the country.  One of the most important things our forefathers had the foresight to give us was the right to protest.  People in this nation have been organizing and running protests dating all the way back to the “Boston Tea Party” and beyond.  The right to protest is an important one.  It gives people the opportunity to have their voices heard.

People have the right to assemble and protest peacefully. The keyword here is “peacefully.” Unfortunately, what is happening in major cities around the country is anything but peaceful.  Setting police cars on fire, burning down peoples’ homes and businesses (therefore destroying their livelihood), and in worse case scenarios, killing them is not peaceful protesting! It is unlawful rioting and murder, plain and simple!  Yet, it is happening and has been happening for weeks.

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What is just as appalling is the mayors and governors are allowing it, even encouraging it by calling for the defunding of America’s police.  Defund the police?  “Are We Nuts?”  Despite a few bad apples in police departments, most are there to serve and protect and do so honorably.  They are the only thing standing between us and anarchy.  It seems every time a police officer somewhere shoots someone, those who enjoy rioting, rise to the occasion without even waiting to find out if the shooting was justified.  After all, don’t police officers have the right to protect themselves in the performance of their duty?  No one is saying an officer who oversteps, breaks the law and kills someone should not be punished, but the rioters don’t even wait to see if that is the case.

Isn’t it “nuts” when mayors (Chicago’s in particular) call for the defunding of police, refuse to protect the lives, homes, and businesses of the innocent but then call for more police protection when their lives are in danger.  Actually, it is not only “nuts,” it is hypocritical.  “Protection for me, but not for thee!”  It is also “nuts” when news networks run a banner across the television screen reading “Peaceful Protests” while at the same time showing police cars and businesses burning in the background!  

It is further nuts that those same officials who can’t (or won’t) stop the rioting, refuse to allow the feds to come in and do so.  

If you are not asking the question, Are We Nuts?” Then you just might be one of the “nuts!”

Kathleen Knowles
Contributing Writer

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