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Are We Nuts? Politically Correct or Just Plain Ridiculous!

By Kathleen Knowles

Editor’s Note: This is an editorial. The views and opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views of Blue Water Healthy Living, GBS Media, or the Grant Smith Health Insurance Agency.

In today’s crazy world, we could ask ourselves this question just about every day.  It really seems that people have gone off the deep end. Things that would have been considered ridiculous years ago are being shoved down our throats as normal today.

Today, we are expected to accept boys who identify as girls in the girls’ locker room. Are we nuts?  Did the people who advocate this ever consider there are boys who would dress up like girls just to get into the girls’ locker room? Despite the desire to identify as girls, they simply are not girls.  Girls should be allowed to change their clothes in the locker room without the presence of boys.  Men who identify as women are supposed to be allowed in the women’s bathrooms.  Never mind that women are entitled to their privacy in a bathroom without the presence of a man. We are supposed to accept that transgenders, or men who are confused about their sex, should be allowed to play women’s sports; thereby, taking away college scholarships from women. It is a scientific fact that there are men and there are women. Despite calling themselves transgenders, they are still male according to their DNA.  They are bigger, stronger, and faster than women. They do not belong in women’s sports.

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Then we have people across the country demanding we remove statues because they are offended by them.  Take, for example, the students of the University of Wisconsin took part in a protest to demand the removal of the statue of Abraham Lincoln due to its supposed racist origins.  Are We Nuts?  Are we not teaching history anymore? Don’t these uneducated students realize Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in freeing the slaves back during the Civil War?  Did any of these students read the Emancipation Proclamation?  What exactly are we teaching these young people in schools these days?

Of course, there is the demand by some for reparations for the families of those who were enslaved in the past. Are We Nuts? This has absolutely nothing to do with racism. If there is one person alive today who was forced into slavery, then by all means, pay them reparations. Otherwise, we have to consider that those demanding reparations are just looking for a handout of free money.  Slavery was a horrible and unjust institution. However, the American taxpayer should not have to foot the bill to pay reparations for people who were never enslaved to begin with.

Lastly, we have this neutral nonsense. There are those who would demand that the sex of a child be removed from their birth certificate upon their birth.  They argue that the child should be able to choose their gender. Are We Nuts?  DNA chooses your gender. If you choose to mutilate the human body and take hormones for the rest of your life, that’s your business. It doesn’t, however, change the fact that you are male or female at birth and for the rest of your life, for that matter. We are constantly told to follow the science, unless it doesn’t agree with what these people want.  Now we are told we can no longer call our mother our mother. She is now a birthing person! Believe it or not, that is what some people want placed on the birth certificate. I got news for them! My mother is my mother. She is not a birthing person.

If you are not questioning all of this nonsense, then you just might be one of the nuts!

Kathleen Knowles

Contributing Writer

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Martha Burich June 18, 2021 at 8:12 am

Well said. Some common sense in this time of nuttiness.


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