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Are We Nuts? Illegals over Americans

By Kathleen Knowles

Under the Trump administration, the United States border had never been more secure. The flow of illegal aliens was reduced greatly due to the policies of the Trump administration as well as the wall being built.  Since the Biden administration took office, we now find ourselves flooded with illegal aliens crossing our border once again. Are we nuts to allow this?

President Biden has announced his intention to pave way for a path to citizenship for all illegal aliens in the United States.  Keep in mind that these people broke our laws and crossed our borders without going through the proper channels to become American citizens.  It is a slap in the face to those who went through the proper application for citizenship, followed our laws and went through proper channels to enter the United States and become citizens.

Back during the Reagan administration, amnesty granted to illegal aliens in the United States. Although I supported the Reagan administration, and admire President Reagan, one of the biggest mistakes he made was to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Since that time, we have had nothing but problems with people crossing our border illegally.

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Apparently, we never learned anything from that mistake. All it has done, has encouraged people to cross the border illegally, confident that they would eventually be granted amnesty and given a path to become American citizens.

Kathleen Knowles
Contributing Writer

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