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Are We Nuts? COVID-19 Compassion

By Kathleen Knowles

Here we are again with another column wondering “Are We Nuts?”  It was announced that President Donald Trump and the first lady had been infected with Covid-19.  Regardless of who is in the White House, the last thing the nation should want to hear is the leader of the free world is sick, right?  Apparently not, at least that was not the reaction of a lot of liberals. 

Upon the announcement of the President’s Covid-19 diagnosis, there were actually people that cheered when they heard he was infected.  Some blamed it on the Supreme Court Justice announcement ceremony because people were not sitting 6- feet apart, and some were not wearing masks.  Yet, everyone who attended that ceremony tested negative for Covid-19 before they were allowed to enter.  Whether or not that is where the President contracted the virus or on the campaign trail, shouldn’t the country be praying for his recovery?  Wouldn’t it be nuts to do otherwise?

Zara Rahim, a strategic communication consultant who became the National Spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton tweeted, “It’s been against my moral identity to tweet this for the past four years, but I hope he dies.”  From the entertainment field, Dominic West (Good Morning Britain) said he felt joy at the news of Trump’s positive Covid-19 diagnosis.  They are not the only ones that must have a lot of Americans asking “Are We Nuts.” Liberals have been all over Twitter.  Kristy Barrantes tweets, “I actually do hope he dies.  Sacrifice the one for the lives of the many.” Is she nuts?  She loosely quotes a popular quote from Star Trek, except this is not fiction.  Tara @tarasyl tweets, “Waking up to finding out Trump has Covid-19 is the best news I’ve woken up to since Taylor Swift announced folklore.”  Does she compare President Trump’s illness to a singer’s album?   That’s nuts! @Nusrathjahan  tweets, “Two whole days since Trump announced having Covid-19 and he’s still alive?”  

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From the moment the President announced he had Covid-19, liberals have been burning up the Twitter and Facebook feeds with these despicable statements.  The liberal media has joined the chorus of attacking the President instead of praying for his recovery. Will there ever be a time again when people can set aside politics and show some compassion for those that have contracted this virus, including the President of the United States? Have we as a nation become so divided that we would wish someone dead of Covid-19 simply because we disagree with his or her politics?  

Whatever happened to compassion? Each and every person who has been infected with Covid-19 has a mother, father, son, or daughter who loves them, including the President.  To wish death on anyone because you don’t like them or disagree with them has to have intelligent thinking people asking, “Are We Nuts?”

Kathleen Knowles
Contributing Writer

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