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Are We Nuts? Boys playing Girls’ sports

By Kathleen Knowles

There is so much out there that makes people wonder Are We Nuts?  However, if today’s column doesn’t convince you that many out there are nuts, then you must be one of the nuts!

It took years for girls to be able to have their own sports teams. Back in the ’70s, the only thing girls had sports-wise was to attend an after school organization called GAA (Girls Athletic Association).  Finally, sports moved out of the dark ages and allowed girls to compete in different sports with their own sex. Now, the very existence of girls’ sports is in danger.  Why? Because there are boys out there who are not good enough to compete with their own sex.

Boys have always, at least as long as I can remember, been able to compete in sports. Unfortunately, there are boys out there that just simply do not have the talent to compete against other boys. So what do they do? They called themselves transgenders or identify as girls, and insist on competing with girls.

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At the risk of upsetting some people out there, there’s no such thing as a transgender. There are two sexes, male and female. You don’t decide what your sex is, DNA decides that for you. Mutilating the human body and taking hormones of the opposite sex does change your sex.  Neither does identifying as the opposite sex.  Therefore, what we have is males who cannot compete with those of their own sex, entering girls sports in order to finish first rather than last, where they would place if they competed with other boys.

This is completely nuts! Girls do not have the physical strength to compete with boys. Where is the fairness in this? Boys are entering girls’ sports, and in some cases, taking away scholarships to colleges that a high school girl would normally win.  It might be the only way she can go to college. Yet, it is taken away from her not by another girl, but by a boy.

Think about it. Take basketball for instance. Boys are normally much taller and stronger than girls. So what if boys identifying themselves as girls, which is ridiculous to begin with, decide to play in girls’ basketball. What chance does a girl have making a girls basketball team if several boys decide to play on it?  Are we nuts? How can this be allowed?

Boys identifying as girls are competing in girls’ track. Most girls cannot run as fast as a boy. That is just plain fact.  So what is next? Allowing men to play in women’ tennis singles?  Where will this all end?

Even people who breed and show dogs have enough sense to realize that the sexes need to be divided. Dogs (males) compete against other dogs, while bitches compete against other bitches for championship points.  How often do you see a filly compete in the Triple Crown Horse Races against the colts? Occasionally it happens, but how many times has one ever won against a colt? There is a reason the sexes are divided.  Males are stronger than females.

What is wrong with these boys who can’t compete with other boys that they would rather compete with girls? Where is their pride?  Bragging rights? How can a boy brag about beating a girl? Are we nuts for allowing this?

And, what is wrong with our politicians?  Doesn’t one party claim to protect womens’ rights? Why aren’t they protecting the right of a girl to compete against other girls instead of biological boys?  Why are they allowing boys to take scholarships away from girls in girls’ sports?  They are not protecting women and girls rights, they are setting them back decades. If this keeps up girls will have no choice but to go back to the Girls Athletic Association.  Come to think of it, that probably wouldn’t do any good either. Boys will then decide that they should be part of that. When will society understand that boys are boys and girls are girls, and quit trying to change the facts?

What is even more disgusting is insisting that boys identifying as girls should be allowed in the girls’ locker room. Are we nuts?  Boys have no business whatsoever in the girls’ locker room. Why in the world would anybody in their right mind advocate this? It is time for parents to stand up and say not just no, but hell no!

There are some states that have decided to protect girls’ rights to play sports without having to compete with boys.  Idaho has already passed a bill stating that athletes must compete based on their biological sex. Other states  standing up for girls’ rights are Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

As of February 16th, 2021, there are at least a dozen states who are considering bills to stop this nonsense. Boys are not girls regardless of whether they identify as such or not. They are not girls regardless of whether they remove their genitals. DNA decides whether your male or female. Some politicians are constantly saying follow the science when it comes to covid, however, they ignore the science when it comes to human gender. It is time that we stand up and put a stop to this craziness, otherwise, we will have answered the question Are we nuts?

Kathleen Knowles
Contributing Writer

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