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Watch – A Place Called Iwo Jima: The Harold N. Danneels Story – Local WWII Veteran

Originally Published: Apr 24, 2020

Harold N. Danneels of Marine City, Michigan recounts his experience in the United States Navy, stationed in the Pacific during World War II.

Harold spent most of his service on the ship LSM 145 (Landing Ship Medium) which was a ship critical to getting supplies, vehicles, and soldiers to the shore on islands in the Pacific. The most notable time of his service was spent stationed on the ship off the island of Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima was just a small island in the Pacific with a size of only about 8.1 square miles, but it was considered essential for strategical purposes in the fight against Japan.

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The fighting on Iwo Jima lasted from February 19th, 1945 to March 26th, 1945. This was a tough battle for the United States as they faced an uphill battle on a heavily fortified island with the United States reporting 6,821 soldiers killed and another 19,217 wounded. Iwo Jima is remembered as one of the most iconic battles of World War II, and we look back on it as 2020 marks the battle’s 75th anniversary.

This battle also gave us one of the most iconic American photos of all time with the US soldiers raising the American flag after finally taking the island. Harold will tell you the full story on the flag raising and more in this candid interview.

We once again want to thank Harold not only for his service for our great country but also for taking the time to talk with us and let us tell his story.

We hope you enjoy it.

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