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A new book on Galatians relates to America today

A local man and former pastor, Tim Parker, will soon publish a book on Galatians – the Apostle Paul’s first New Testament book and possibly the first N.T. book written. It is titled God’s War For Elect Souls: Galatians revisited without Sin Canyon bondage.

By Tim Parker

My contention for years was that, besides Revelation, Galatians is the most misunderstood N.T. book because people slander Paul’s words, improper teaching exists in the church, and many do not want to obey God’s Moral Law.

Here are ten reasons why Galatians is difficult to understand. First, Paul uses riddles that require a basic use of systematic theology to parse correctly. Second, word-and-concept confusion twists our minds because we are unaware of labels or handles Paul uses. Third, antinomianism – a belief that we don’t need to obey God’s Moral Law because of Grace – causes people to reject graceful obedience. Fourth, wrong ideas of what Justification and Sanctification mean cause us to think we know what Paul means – only to discover this is not what God means. Fifth, we are born into spiritual death and don’t believe Jesus’ words when He says we must be born from above (regenerated or new birthed by the Spirit) to enter His Kingdom. Sixth, Paul’s riddle shows we are born into Satan’s Sin Canyon where God is required to extract us and put us in Salvation Canyon. Seventh, we think we can get ourselves out of Sin Canyon but Jesus said this is impossible! When we are taught sinful man has this ability, a conundrum is created. Eighth, many cling to Sin Canyon dynamics yet fail to realize these wrong sources prevent us from right relationship with God. Ninth, neither Ishmaelites nor present-day Jews were in Christ (John 4:21); only those in the heavenly Jerusalem Isaac – Jesus, are new born. Tenth, only those led by the Spirit to gracefully obey God’s Moral Law have Grace-power to overcome in conversion. All told, Galatians holds powerful Gospel truths.

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Sin Canyon is the disaster some call original sin, with sinful free will, Christ-denying Gnosticism, ontological spiritual death, rebellious antinomianism, a humanly-unfixable broken relationship-and-status, an enslaved will to God-rejecting passions, and a skewed legalistic approach to obey God’s Law or regain a relationship with God. When we realize this, we might cry out for deliverance like Paul did in Romans 7:24. Our only escape from Sin Canyon is God the Spirit placing us in Christ’s finished Cross-Work with application of His Grace-Faith-Promise Gospel in New Birth. God must take us from Sin Canyon to put us into Salvation Canyon where the Spirit leads us into the joys of graceful conversion – the opposite of what many think.

Almost two years in the making, this book has profound implications for the insanity of today as people believe a Woke Social-Justice gospel, buy into epistemological gospels that fail to bring new birth, and provide relief from the hamster wheel of trying to access a Spirit-led relationship with Christ – without success. It is no wonder our country is on the brink of total internal destruction before a man-made god without redemption. Paul knew that futility, and gives God’s Gospel provision to discover the joyous reality of God’s meaning of redemption. I encourage people to take a tour with Paul as he guides trips into both Sin and Salvation Canyons.

I’ve taught biblical truth for 30 years but this work surprised me as I continue to seek God’s meaning. Physical books should be available for purchase within a month – either hard or soft cover. I took my first book into jail but tried to get books into prisons. I recently found access in softcover form. You can pre-order for the limited edition first run and donate for Gospel ministry. If interested, reach out at

How does this book apply to our world in view of the pandemic, Critical Race Theory and Social Justice with the 2020 election looming larger every day? How has our country been so duped by this man-made system of grievance with perpetual repentance and no forgiveness where ever-changing victim-groups lead the parade? Mostly we forgot and/or do not want to retain the Judeo-Christian foundations our Republic was founded upon. Great ignorance fills our land; therefore, we allow lies to control the narrative. At its essence, this deception goes back to the Garden of Eden where Satan deceived Adam and Eve with a lie of autonomy without the shackles of God’s Law and Grace in His redeeming Gospel. This is where Paul jumps into the narrative in Galatians and where we must return if we are to make genuine headway in America again.

Many do not really know what this new Social Justice is or demands. Similar to words in Galatians, when we discover the true meaning, we might be shocked. Years ago Liberals used this label to indicate caring for the social needs of people in their communities. Every Christian should be concerned about this but Liberals soon began to see this AS the Gospel. Christians believe social relief flows from Gospel reality where we find our soul’s needs and grievances resolved through the Cross-work of Christ. As long as we deal with sinful selfish humans we will have problems but the Gospel works with God’s Law to bring us closer to righteous living.

Social Justice is a co-opted term with a sinister meaning. Flipping many things on its head, it requires us to differentiate an emotional cultural knowing from a spiritual one. The elephant in the room goes unacknowledged as real correction to real problems can’t occur. This agenda hamstrings culture, government, moral and economic issues, education and God’s church. People are accused of racism yet legitimate historical refutation is denied. What sounds good is actually a snake that spews Marxist venom on ones unaware of its dynamics. With a huge divide in the church over this issue, the Dallas Statement was fostered and a conference put together by Sovereign Nations. Plug these titles into YouTube to learn significant details about what is called the new American religion.

The crazy year of 2020 with its riots, murder, destruction, BLM and Antifa, and anarchy being touted as the normfor change or reset goes in the wrong direction. Again, people wonder “What happened?” We do not know or respect our history enough to try to live its ideals. Is America a perfect nation? No! Is there any better? No! While people argue against its oft-caricatured-founding, sincere minds can’t refute the reality that our Judeo-Christian roots made it what it is, warts and all. Christianity was our foundation! 9 of the 13 states had a State religion – similar to how we have State birds and flowers, but our Constitution does not allow for a National religion. As people often reject Christian religion today, we’ve been duped by the religions of Secular Humanism and Social Justice. What’s up with that? I say we need to go back to our true history – it’s not what many think.

A group that really helps is Wallbuilders from David Barton. We can gain perspective if we hear and learn history as it was – not as distorted caricatures want us to believe. Wallbuilders can give that perspective! Watch The Truth behind a few of the statutes we attack. We cannot erase history on YouTube. They have The American Heritage Series and The One-Room Schoolhouse series, as well – all extremely educational of our founding.

A mentee in Nigeria, Africa, a young pastor, often asks me how things are going in America. They hear! I wrote recently: “This Covid pandemic is the Golden Calf of this new Baal god in America. All the insanity that goes with it made inroads into everyone’s mind and psyche. Even if that is all that occurred, great work needs to be done to dismantle this new religion with its Golden Calf and musical narrative. Even if Trump maintains the Presidency, it has done its job. This enemy within, no matter who caused it or who maintains it, is bigger than most can imagine! It’s been in the American fabric for the last 60 years. It’s been many years since America endured a frontal attack on our soil and very few imagine we can be taken down within our country without an outside shot fired! But . . . . 

“Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation should move forward without a hitch; she should be confirmed before the week is out! What the Democrats did several years ago backfired upon their heads – something like the gallows of Haman in Esther 7. They publically cry out for a “Truth Council” to seek vengeance upon their enemies – namely Donald Trump and his supporters. They pull out every wicked plan to show their ontology (as being sons and slaves of Satan) as Jesus told Pharisees, Sadducees and rulers of Israel in John 8:31-59.”

“While they cry for Social Justice, we cry for Justice from God – a HUGE difference! No matter what occurs at the Supreme Court, our courts are infested with this mantra-narrative and outside money of this false god. As Moses burned the golden calves, great work needs to be done to dismantle this ideology, implications and outflows so we can return to some semblance of American Republic-normal as designed and instituted. Patriots must arise and maintain freedoms God invested in our unique country.” Paul stood against false gospels and wrong sources, demonstrated in God’s War For Elect Souls; likewise, Patriots must stand against new false gospels and wrong sources to maintain our freedoms. Vote to keep America going and consider buying my soon-to-be-released book.

This year is unlike any I’ve ever known! I remember bomb-raid preparations, Kennedy’s assassination, the Detroit riots and the Vietnam War – but nothing like this! Our family was doing ministry in Detroit when the riots began. As a staunch Christian Patriot who cherishes our Constitution and Republic, my plea is to learn as much as you can on sites other than main-stream media. This election on November 3rd will be a vote to maintain our Republic (not Democracy) or allow a Marxist agenda to steamroll the greatest country in the world.

Don’t let fear keep you from voting; vote in person if you can. Our President is like the biblical characters Daniel or Mordecai – born for such a time as this. Vote for freedom, rule of law, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to work, keep a personal business, and not wear a mask. Don’t let tyrants destroy our country, children, history, capitalism for Marxism or Social Justice’s sake, or God’s Church. May God bless America so we can bless others. God bless President Trump. Toward better days in 2021 and beyond!

Thanks for reading,

Tim Parker

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