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A Marvelous Marble Refashion

By Marisa Glied

This is one of those refashions of a refash. This dress was handmade by someone and thrifted by ME!

As you can see, this does nothing for me…

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Onto the chopping block! I chopped off the length of the dress to make it a tunic.

I hemmed the bottom of my tunic.

It is hard to see the detail of the dress in the before picture but it had a diagonal flap of fabric across the chest. I used the scrap of fabric from the bottom of the dress to make another flap of fabric across the chest.

Lastly, I made a cut down the middle of the neckline and folded the sides back to create a v-neck. I stitched that down. I also shortened the sleeves to just about the elbow and POOF!

A new tunic!

Before & After!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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