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A Higher Outlook – American Century

A Higher Outlook – American Century

Video by Paul Murray

Enjoy this beautiful scene of the American Century entering Lake Huron. Paul captures stunning aerial footage of various things in the town. We can’t thank him enough for sharing his talents with us.

The American Century has a length of 1,000 feet and can carry a weight of 78,850 tons of cargo. The freighter was originally known as Columbia Star, but after being sold to the American Steamship Company, it took on the American Century name.


We hope you enjoy “A Higher Outlook.”

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Paul Murray is a lifelong resident of Port Huron, Michigan born to well known parents named, “Roy & Dorothy Murray”. Paul has had a varied career before retiring. Paul has had various business and elected government positions. An avid commercial drone pilot, Paul has become a popular contributor to Blue Water Healthy Living.

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