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A Good Father is the Shepherd of His Family

A Good Father is the Shepherd of His Family 

Fatherhood has been ordained by God to be the Shepherd of the home. 

A good Father is a loving Shepherd of his family. 

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A good father is joyful at the birth of his newborn infant and cradles the infant tenderly in his arms assuring the infant of his protection. 

A good father knows all children are gifts from God and need to be protected, provided for, and nourished spiritually. 

As the child grows the good father shepherds the child using wisdom and love. 

As the child has many trials growing up the good father uses God’s word to encourage the child to prevail. 

As a good father discipline is meted out with love and understanding. 

As a good father all the child’s friends are known to him and where they go. 

As a good father, a house is made into a sanctuary of love, respect, patience, sharing, honor, security, duty, compassion, and giving. 

A good father makes his family top priority and spends time with them over fleeting events. 

A good father shows deep love and respect for his wife who is the heart of the home. 

A good father stands in courage, kneels in prayer, waits in hope and walks with God. 

This is dedicated to my father Stephen Maslar who passed away too soon and to my husband, Jack. 

Helen Hermes 

The following letters were written to my husband, Jack by his daughter Karen and son-in-law Craig on Jack’s 75th birthday. They clearly display the great love they hold for their Father in Heaven and their own dear dad.

Happy 75th birthday! 

I bought you this old-fashioned picture of Jesus because it reminded me of the loving pictures of Jesus at Christ the King Lutheran Church, where you brought me as a child. 

Dad, thank you for taking me to church and teaching me the Truth. When I thank God for His many blessings in my life, I thank Him first for godly parents who brought me to church to be baptized and confirmed. I heard somewhere that if a person isn’t a believer by the time he is an adult, his chances of converting are only about 2 percent. Thank you, too, for living your life as a sincere Christian. I vividly recall when I was about 8 or 9 and finding out there was no Santa Claus and then immediately wondering if there was no God. But I quickly realized that there had to be a God because of the way you dedicated your life to Him. I knew you wouldn’t give your life to someone who wasn’t real. Even at that young age, I recognized the fruits of the spirit. 

Dad, you continue being a good Christian example for me to follow. Please know that your work with the prison ministry, your visits to the shut-ins and your leadership in Bible studies all impact me still. I look ahead to when I retire and can devote more time to His work 

Thank you, Dad, for being concerned first and foremost with my spiritual needs. So many parents neglect the spiritual side of their children’s upbringing. They work long hours to give them their every earthly need without taking the time to pray with them and for them or teach them the Truth. 

Thank you, too, for being a loving father. It’s easy for me to understand the height and depth of my heavenly Father’s love for me because I felt love from my earthly father. I feel sorry for the abused children of the world who can only imagine, but have never felt, unconditional love as God gives. 

Dad, I know, too, that you had godly parents and they had godly parents. By the grace of God alone, I married a godly man and we are continuing that legacy. Just this weekend, our three children attended Acquire the Fire and rededicated their lives to Jesus. 

Dad, I pray regularly for the unsaved members of our family, as I know you do too. One hard reality I have learned as a parent is that our children have free will. But I look at the picture I picked out for you and I see Jesus, our loving Shepherd, cradling a once-lost lamb in His arms, and I am reminded that He will do everything to bring them back to the fold. 

I pray on this, your 75th birthday, that God will bless you with many more years of fruitful work. And I look forward to the day when we will all worship Him together in Heaven. 



Happy 75th birthday, It has been said that imitation is the most purest form of flattery. 

I just wanted to say that over the years, I have tried to model myself and life after yours. I feel that your Christian example and life attitude has served you well. 

No man cannot do it alone however and I know this to be true. Only God has the power to send the Holy Spirit down and into the man. I also know that if the man does not exemplify this, it can skip a generation and the future generations will be lost. 

I try to strive to be the kind of father and example to my children that you have been to yours. I could not say thank you enough for all the things that you have done for me and my family over the years. They are so numerous, and I would definitely leave some of them out. 

I feel the only thing I need to say is thanks for who you are and what you have shown me to be and do over the years. 

This all comes from the heart. May you have many more years to come, and may God bless all of us and keep us for eternity. 

Loved Your Son, 


To all the dads out there, we would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. May God Bless you all.

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