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16 Days Until Christmas!

Santa Claus

No Way!  That can’t be right!?  Can it be only 55 days to Christmas?! What happened? Somehow it has sneaked upon us!

Santa has been busy getting ready and is even booking events already!  What about you? Have you connected with Santa yet?  Are you going to be standing in line again this year at the mall?

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What do we know about Santa? What does it take to be a great Santa?  Did Santa just rent his suit and beard?  Does he only say “HO, HO, HO”, and he’s ready? Did you know there are schools for Santa?  What experience does Santa have?  Does he have a background check or liability insurance?  There are different Santa’s after all; some are at the malls and others do home visits and other types of events. Some are known as performance-based Santa’s. Does your Santa network and learn from other Santa’s? Does Santa belong to Santa groups or organizations?

Do you prefer a designer beard Santa or a real bearded Santa?  What experience does Santa have?  How long has he been portraying Santa?  What training or education do Santa’s go through? Planning and interaction can help Santa and the parents provide information that only Santa would know about that special child.

Have you thought through the pros and cons of waiting in line at the mall?  Would it be more fulfilling to have the family interact with Santa in your home environment?  Let Santa come to you and your family on your schedule?  Perhaps plan with other families to have Santa at a clubhouse or hall?  Scheduling can be difficult.  Santa visits this year can be booked for next year should Santa do a great job and is in demand.  Some Santa’s are already booked for Christmas 2020 with their favorite clients.

Families spread out over the country?  Loved ones can’t get home or are deployed? Video chats can be the answer for everyone to see and talk and visit each other with Santa. Professional photos of children with Santa can be very rewarding keepsakes.  So can selfies with Santa and the entire family in their home with all the loved ones in the pictures.

Christmas comes but once a year.  Children grow up so fast.  Holiday memories with friends, family, and Santa can be precious. They are wonderful keepsakes for parents, children, grandchildren, and grandparents, and extended families.

Consider working with Santa to make those types of Holiday memories come true for everyone!

Contact Santa before any more time disappears!!

Need to get in touch with Santa? Contact Santa’s Agent, Rodger Catt at to see how Santa can help make your Christmas even merrier!

Events big or small, Santa is here to bring Christmas to everyone, but don’t wait too long because Santa has a very busy schedule this time of the year.

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