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5 Things Every Kayak Fisherman Needs – By Kassii Watta

By Kassii Watta

1) H-Crates!

Hobie H-Crates have room for plenty of fishing gear keeping it organized in one easy-to-reach space. They are easily removable for transporting your tackle and gear and the H-Rail carrying handles are great mounting platforms for Hobie H-Rail accessories. You can even purchase a soft cover to keep your gear contained and protected from the elements. They come in two different sizes and only weigh a little over 5 lbs.

2) Plano Tackle Boxes!

Hobie tackle boxes come in three sizes. The small (yellow) has 10 adjustable dividers to create 5-15 compartments. The medium (blue) has 15 adjustable dividers to create 5-20 compartments. The large (red) has 25 dividers to create 3-28 compartments. These will fit perfectly in your H-Crate as well!

3) First Aid Kit!

Hobie’s waterproof 3600 Plano box with essential first aid items.

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4) Hobie Fishing Hawg Trough

Holds the big ones safely for measuring and photos before release. These are 30 in long and comes in imperial or metric measurements.

5) Line Management Tools

• The Multi-tool has six functions: a spinning hook vise, tether ring, eyelet clearing spike, scissor snips, ad a split shot crimper.
• The Freehander line tool w supervise tech has patented pivoting, retention clip for maximum control.
• The Defender tether has four functions: secures tether with lanyard hole and retention clip, tip control carabiner to release tension and secure gear, patented side release lock with override, patented line vises (right and left). Comes in large and small.

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This article was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated. 

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