The Well-Oiled Man, Wesley Proctor

By: Karrie Beck

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Living and feeling well can different things to different people. Most are aware that exercise, eating well, reducing stress, plenty of rest and visiting the doctor routinely will help our chances of living and feeling well. But is that enough? Do we really feel wellAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of drugs ordered or provided in 2013 was over a billion. In 2015, the percentage of people in the U.S. taking at least one therapeutic prescription in the past 30 days was 48.7%, and the percent of doctor visits involving drug therapy was over 74.2%! Do we feel well? It sure doesn’t sound like it.


There are a number of contributing factors affecting peoples’ health. Many are out of their control, including genetics and numerous environmental issues. Although we cannot control all health-related issues, people are seeking out knowledge and solutions beyond the medicine cabinet. Spiritually, naturally and emotionally – people want to better themselves and they’re beginning to seek alternatives on how to do it.

Wesley Proctor, known locally as The Well-Oiled Man, is helping folks do just thatA Michigan native, Wesley earned his degree in forestry and a minor in ecology from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. With a love for all things outdoors, Wesley blended together his interests and extensive knowledge of nature and began working in the field of essential oils. Like his mother and grandmother before him, he continued along their path and became a distributor for Young Living, Essential Oils. For nearly seven years now, Wesley has worked and successfully created a team of over 1600 members. Through online and live class offerings, as well as YouTube tutorials and his own blog, Wesley shares the benefits of using oils in day-to-day living. His latest series of classes are geared specifically for men and are breaking the stereotypes associated with the idea of essential oils being only for women. Down-to-earth, honest, and real, Wesley can relate to the demands of the times.

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As the next decade approaches, what advancements in health and wellness will we find ourselves in the mist of? Will there be more individuals like as Wesley to spread the word about the power of natural healing? One can only hope.

The Well-Oiled Man

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