Welcome local author, Cheryl Morgan!

Blue Water Healthy Living is proud to introduce local writer and author of the book, OTTISSIPPI: THE TRUTH about GREAT LAKES INDIAN HISTORY and The Gateway to the West, Cheryl L. Morgan.

Cheryl has generously offered to share excerpts of her book with the readers of Blue Water Healthy Living! We hope you enjoy this powerful information about local Indian history and agree with those who refer to the book as ‘a reference treasury’ — One reader writes, In depth, solid, extraordinary research, amazing culture and history, I learned so much, chock full of information, powerful!

“After a three-month search, I realized the Southeast Michigan Indian History had not been written. It is buried, erased, forgotten, scattered, inaccessible, lost to time and change. I believe a person should be able to easily find this information at the library and on the Internet. It is now a very complex, difficult search and dissemination of information.”  Cheryl L. Morgan

Reader Comments:


After digging for information for three months, the author realized this history had not been written and compiled. So, she became a research historian and writer, deciphering the great puzzle of peoples, places, name changes, governments, Indian culture and lifeways, and tribes connected to Michigan, the Great Lakes, and the Northwest Territory. Know the truth about Indian history!

Groundbreaking, research clarifies and reveals the inaccessible complex history.

In depth, solid, extraordinary research, amazing culture and history, I learned so much, chock full of information, powerful!

A very important contribution to education and history-

Ottissippi is the collection and compilation of many early writers, historians, and others who recorded something about the Indians of Southeast Michigan, the Great Lakes and the Northwest Territory. It includes, interviews and modern writers who added valuable contributions to the Indian History of Michigan and beyond. Cheryl L. Morgan

The Truth about Great Lakes Indian History and culture includes:

  • Origins, prophecies, and migration
  • The Three Fires, Ojibwe – Chippewa, Ottawa, Pottawatomi, Huron, Wyandotte, Iroquois, Miami, Shawnee, Fox – Mesquackie, Saulk,  and many other tribes connected to Michigan
  • Piracy, slavery, religion, the Mediwiwin, chiefs, totems, clans, amazing culture and lifeways, war, disease, hunting, counting coup, missions, Biography, and Metis
  • The French, British, English and American, Dutch, Spanish, explorers, traders, voyageurs, missionaries, settlers, immigrants, northern slavery and pioneers
  • The Fire water and Fusees, Aamjiwnaang Territory, the Ottissippi – The Detroit Strait, and Lake Huron Land Bridge
  • Racism, treaties, reservations, mounds, boarding schools, and modern Indigenous history


“This book came about after a visit to the library where I could not find local Indian History. I grew up in the St. Clair and Black River area of Michigan, fishing on all the area waters with my father and brothers. I loved books, libraries, horses and puzzles; I was not a tech person. I love to cook, garden, travel, and camp. I determined to find and share the truth.  This has been a difficult journey in every way. I give you, the reader, the truth and blessings I also reaped.”  Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl Morgan lives near Port Huron, Michigan with her husband Tom and dog Fred.

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