TO VACCINATE OR NOT: That is the Question

By Contributing Writer, Carol Seaver

The question whether or not to vaccinate is a very controversial hot topic in our culture today.    Even though millions of children world-wide have been successfully vaccinated and lives have been saved, there is a growing debate about the results and the necessity of vaccinating.

Dr. Bob Zajac, a pediatrician specializing in asthma/allergy care and developmental/behavioral pediatric care, has spoken out in his video appearing in “Health Impact News.”  According to Dr. Zajac, doctors are not united on the vaccine issue.  Very few of them are 100% pro vaccine or 100% against vaccines even though the US government through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the media present the extreme pro-vaccination position as being the dominant position of the medical field.  In between the two extremes is where the vast majority of doctors practicing today would categorize their position according to Dr. Zajac.  Doctors who do not hold either extreme position would be opposed to government-mandated vaccinations and the removal of all parental exemptions. “Big Pharma” (pharmaceutical companies) and government health authorities are trying to pass laws mandating vaccines for all children and even adults.


But there are problems.  Many doctors favor “informed consent.”  Should vaccines be held accountable?  What about the risks involved?  Most pediatricians don’t give out information beforehand unless parents ask.  Then the doctors spend time informing the parents before they give consent.  This is called “informed consent.”  Vaccinating is very lucrative.  Consider that pharmaceutical company Merck makes $5 billion per year on vaccines.  The more time doctors spend informing parents in a ten-minute explanation of risks and benefits the fewer children they can vaccinate.  Because of the pressure to vaccinate from Big Pharma, many pediatricians become “vaccine bullies.”  Dr. Zajac says that he became a vaccine bully because he felt pressured by clinics who say they need to achieve certain vaccine rates.

Dr. Zajac found that the CDC and drug companies were claiming rates of vaccine injuries at around “one in a million,” but he said it was more like “one in 100” being hospitalized from vaccine injuries.  Dr. Zajac noticed that some of his unvaccinated patients were healthier than his vaccinated patients (many of whom were allergic, etc.), so he started reading research on vaccines.  He experienced his first patient regression to autism in a 12-month-old as the infant progressed.  He said he did not recognize the child at 17 months.  Another patient died at 2 PM a few hours after his vaccines.  Authorities called it SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)—even though it was 2 PM and not first thing in the morning after a night’s sleep.  The coroner and other medical authorities did not do a follow-up investigation, but dismissed it as SIDS.

One child in every 68 has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but the CDC claims there’s no link between vaccines and autism according to studies done in 2011 and 2013.   This is very controversial with more and more autism being diagnosed after vaccination.

There can be serious side effects which result in permanent damage and even death.  Adjuvants, additives that help create a stronger immune response, have been added to some vaccines since the 1930s.  Aluminum is a common adjuvant which could contribute to serious side effects.

According to CDC, one historical safety incident occurred in 1955 involving the Cutter Laboratory which manufactured polio vaccine.  Some batches contained live polio virus.  250 cases of polio were attributed to vaccine produced by Cutter Labs.  That vaccine was stopped for a time and then resumed after the creation of a better system of regulating vaccines.   There was no system of compensation/accountability at that time, but now there’s the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or VICP.

Other safety concerns reported by the CDC are:

Some of the polio vaccine from 1955-1963 was contaminated with simian virus 40.  Swine flu vaccine saw a small increased risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) in 1976.  In 1998, Hep B was possibly linked with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  In 1998-1999, RotaShield vaccine caused intussusception in some healthy infants (a type of bowel blockage needing hospitalization and possible surgery).  In 2005-2008, there were concerns that meningococcal vaccine Menactra caused Guillain-Barre syndrome in a number of youth.  N1N1 flu vaccine had a connection to narcolepsy between 2009-2010.

Other serious side effects related to anthrax, DTaP, MMR (autism), Rotavirus, Tdap, chickenpox, Yellow fever vaccination are:  allergic reaction, long-term seizures, coma, permanent brain damages, deafness, bleeding, intussusception, pneumonia, severe nervous system reaction, and life-threatening illness with organ failure resulting in death 50% of the time.

HPV vaccine (trade name Gardasil) has produced serious side effects, including deaths in young girls after being vaccinated.  Serious side effects are: premature menopause or infertility, narcolepsy, autoimmune disorders, GBS, stroke, blood clots, appendicitis, seizures, fainting, and allergic reactions.  This product was recalled in 2013.  Many countries have banned Gardasil because it is so controversial.  Merck pharmaceutical company, maker of Gardasil, makes $5 billion/year on vaccines.  Pharmaceutical companies in the US that produce vaccines are immune or protected from lawsuits.

Parents need to research vaccines and ask their children’s doctors for all available information including serious side effects on vaccines before they decide to vaccinate.  Dr. Zajac and doctors who are not 100% pro vaccines agree that parents must be their children’s patient advocates.  It could be a matter of life or death.


Carol graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts and Wayne State University with a master’s degree– both in elementary education– with an emphasis on birth to eight years. She is a wife, mom, grandmother, and retired teacher. She has lived in St.Clair County for decades, but hails from Portage where she left part of her heart. As a Christian, she works for God and country, trying to educate the uninformed and set the captives free. She has a keen eye for what ails the culture and, when she realized the downward spiral we were on, was called to fight for her country in 2009, using political activism from a Christian worldview. She is grateful for this platform from which to speak.

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