The Present of Presence

By: Sonya Francis

Around the age of 5, I began to observe how people tied their shoes.   After days of intense shoe tying studies, I attempted to tie my own shoes.

Mom saw my struggles and leaned in to show me her way of tying shoes.  This upset me.  I was attempting to figure it out myself.  I did not ask for Mom’s help.  I became even madder when she showed me a completely different way of tying from how I had been studying.  She described the laces as bunny ears.  Bunny ears?!  They were shoe laces!   I had never seen anyone tie shoes like this & wasn’t about to abandon the way I had decided to tie my shoes.  I shouted, “They are not Bunny ears, they are laces & I will tie them myself!”


Mom smiled and returned to what she had been doing, “You are as stubborn as your Father,”  I heard her comment.  I shrugged and took it as a compliment.

Throughout my weeks of tying knots and too many loops, she knew better than to offer me help.   Her presence was there, whether she was physically in the room or not.  I could feel her quiet watch, silently cheering me on.   I wanted her to be proud that I could figure it out by myself.  She realized this and instead of forcing her ways on me, she readjusted and supported me the way I needed most.

Presence is the state of existing or being present in a place.

Or presence can be when a person’s influence is present but is not seen.   When not physically present, this person is still able to project an emotion within us.  You are able to feel their presence, their energy, their strength and their power.

Friends, family and even strangers can leave their presence upon us in ways that can remain with us forever.  A word or comment can help mold us into what we want to be or perhaps, what we become determined not to be.

How has your presence affected others?  Of course, we hope to be a positive influence, perhaps through kindness and understanding.

During this holiday season, as we gather with friends & family, let your presence lift others.  Kindess is a great gift to give.

My Mother’s presence allowed me to try, test, learn, explore and helped mold me to become my unique self.  Mom’s presence resonates within me today.   Mom doesn’t have to be physically with me in order to make a choice I know she would be proud of.   Mom’s presence stays within me as I once was a presence within her.

I tie my shoes and feel her quiet admiration still today.

Merry Christmas!


Sonya is a lifelong Bluewater area resident. She graduated from Yale High
School, SC4, Wayne and Trinity Natural Health School. She has worked as a
Licensed Veterinary Technician and Surgical Scrub Tech prior to receiving
her Naturopathy degree. As an organic gardener and nature lover, Sonya
looks forward to teaching and helping others through her guest writing
with Blue Water Healthy Living, a division of GBS Media.

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