The Hypocracy of Hollywood

By Kathleen Knowles

Since the dawning of motion pictures, Hollywood has entertained millions over the years, both on the silver screen and the small screen.  For some reason, that seems to give them the idea they have the right to lecture the rest of the country on how to think.

At the recent Academy Awards, one could have easily mistaken it for being a political rally for liberal ideas. Hollywood does not seem to understand only half of the country agrees with their liberal views. Everyone, including those in Hollywood have the right to an opinion as well as the right to express it. However, common sense should always prevail as to when and where it is expressed. While half of the country would definitely agree with Hollywood liberal views, the other half of the country does not. Why then, do they insist on making every award show a conservative bashing event?  Have they not learned they are insulting half the people in this country, and that it affects the ratings? Once again, the ratings of the Academy Awards broadcast has plummeted. They were the lowest in history.  Could it have a lot to do with the fact conservatives in the country are choosing to tune out?


Most individuals, when they turn on an entertainment program, expect to be entertained. They want to temporarily forget the troubles of everyday living.  It stands to reason, if they wanted to watch political news, they would surf the net, tune in to CNN, Fox News or other stations dedicated to politics, which are much better sources for political news.  Instead, they have to listen to the views of Hollywood stars, whose opinions are no more important than any other individual in America.

No one is saying these stars are not entitled to their opinions or the right to express them, but why not do so with donations to their favorite candidates or getting out on the campaign trail with them. If the stars think their opinions are so important, why not put their money where their big mouths are? (and, they have plenty of money because of their viewers, both liberal AND conservative)

So, Hollywood, run for office!  Find out how important what you spew really is.

Why should those who would like to watch award shows for the entertainment value be subject to having your political views rammed down their throats?

Furthermore, if Hollywood insists on forcing their political views on the American people, they could at least not be so openly hypocritical about it.  When sexual harassment recently became headlines all over the country,  Hollywood stars were quick to condemn those in the news media who lost their jobs due to inappropriate sexual behavior.  Many that were speaking out against them were later accused of inappropriate sexual behavior themselves!  It has become obvious what Hollywood is condemning, they have been guilty of for years!

Another one of their favorite bashing targets is the NRA.  Many in the entertainment world advocate banning guns altogether.  It reaches a feverish pitch every time some nutcase with a gun kills a number of people.  Instead of putting the blame where it really lies, a lack of addressing the mental health issues in this country, the first thing Hollywood wants to do is BAN THE GUNS!  This continual war cry on their part shows just how hypocritical they are.

It was reported the police and private bodyguards, that were at the Oscars Sunday night to protect the stars, numbered close to five-hundred.  Whether true or not, if there was one Hollywood star with an armed bodyguard, it demonstrates the height of their hypocracy.   In other words, America, they have a right to guns to protect themselves, but you don’t!  Michelle Malkin, who appeared on a morning news program, summed up Hollywood’s feelings toward guns perfectly, “Guns for we, but not for thee.”

 Hollywood hypocracy is further displayed every single day on television and in the movies.  When was the last time you went to the theater?  Violence, guns and murder are the subject of every action film on the screen, and they make up the majority of films produced.  It is no different on the small screen.   If Hollywood is so against guns, why do so many of their films have gun violence throughout the pictures?  Why? … because Tinsel-Town is full of hypocracy!

So, Hollywood, if you don’t want your award shows’ ratings to fall to the point the networks no longer feel you can draw the audience to make broadcasting them worthwhile, do us all a favor…..SHUT UP AND JUST ENTERTAIN US!  Leave politics out of it.  After all, you don’t practice what you preach anyway.


Kathleen Knowles is a life-long resident of Port Huron and a 1973 graduate of Port Huron High School. After attending St. Clair County Community College, she has worked for credit unions all of her life as well as a professional dog show handler, known for handling Pekingese. Kathleen has been writing fiction for years as a hobby, having posted many stories online.

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