Refashion: Country Dress Refash

By Contributing Writer, Marisa Glied

I am ashamed that I have been holding onto this dress since I started my blog…2 years ago. So, finally the day has come for this little dress to be refashioned! Yay!

Joining this dress will be a part of another dress…

I have always been drawn to eyelets which makes this dress so beautiful to me.

I began by taking in the green floral dress in by 2 inches.

I harvested the front of the eyelet dress because it had beautiful clear round buttons.

I cut a slit down the front of the dress and folded over the sides to make a v-neck. After my v-neck took shape I pinned in the bit of fabric I took from the eyelet dress.

To make the v-neck fall flat I had to fold down all around thee neckline as well.

I took the bottom part of the eyelet dress…

I pinned it to the bottom of the dress dress and there you have it! A beautiful dress with a country girl feel!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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About the author

Marisa Glied

My name is Marisa, phonetically that’s Marie-sa and I am the writer of TheRefashStash. I started TheRefashStash 2 years ago when I seriously got into sewing as a hobby. You could say I have been refashioning before I even knew what refashioning was! I started by paining my own custom t-shirts, taking in clothes and then making my own prom dress! What is refashioning, you may ask? To me refashioning is taking an article of clothing and making it something new! This could be as simple as changing buttons on a shirt or making a suit jacket into a fabulous new purse! Refashioning is all about being creative! TheRefashStash is also a contributor on the community refashion blog: Refashion Co-Op. I have also participated in the friendly online sewing competitions: Refashion Runway Season 3, and came in 3rd place in Refashion Runway Season 4: Allstars.

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