Recommended Steps For Helping Seasonal Allergies

By Bethanne Vought

I thought I would continue with advice from the medical community for further ways to help with allergy symptoms. And yes, this will be a humorous look at those well-meaning suggestions. The probable next rash of advice you’ll hear after keeping your house closed-will be showering and washing your hair after any trip outside. Pollen will stick to your clothing and hair, therefore the advice to shower when you get back into your home. That’s right, your morning shower is not enough, while pollen is high outside, you need to limit any time out in it and when you come back in-take another shower to clean off any pollen stuck to you. Don’t forget to wash your hair as well and change into clean clothing. The others you wore outside will need to be washed since they are now covered in pollen. I would like to know if my dogs need to get bathed, since they are collecting pollen while running around outside, too. They are going to be in my face, so I’m thinking I need to bathe them when they come inside as well. They also have more hair than I do. They would not be very happy getting bathed after every trip outdoors. My guess would be we’ll soon be investigating Indoor potty training. I wonder how many allergens are in cleaning up doggie do?

Next, we’ll be rinsing nasal passages. Okay, that means my doctor would advise me to buy a neti pot, which is a small teapot for my NOSE! Most of the ones I’ve seen look more like a magic genie lamp than a medical device, now if only rubbing the outside would produce the genie-then one of my wishes could be to erase all signs of allergy. Since that won’t work I’ll have to use the neti pot as designed. That means pouring salt water up one side of my nose to pass through to the other nostril – then switch and repeat. Okay, I’m sorry, but I remember snorting water through my nose as a kid, and it was not pleasant, nor did it clear my sinuses. You seriously want me to do this twice a day during allergy season? Oh, be sure you do this at least one hour before bedtime, since left over fluid could back up into your sinuses when laying down and cause problems. You need time to blow out any lingering water before lying down. I don’t know, but it reminds me a bit of a whale blowing out water, doesn’t it? I don’t really want to put myself in the position of a whale. Is Jonah anywhere around? 


The suggestions of thorough house cleaning, getting rid of carpet to replace with hard surface flooring, and keeping pets out of bedrooms, all make sense. They may be difficult to accomplish, but they do make sense. I guess with the suggestions made here, I’ll go back to wishing and hoping for the genie and his three wishes along with putting in wood floors and paying a housekeeper.

Wishing you a Happy Spring!


As a longtime school secretary for Port Huron Schools, Beth Vought is no stranger to writing. Now retired, she’s excited to start this new creative writing endeavor. She has lived in the Blue Water area her entire life and has over thirty years’ experience sewing, crafting, along with other handy work. Beth has three grown children, two current fur babies and been married 35+ years. No grandchildren yet, but she did help deliver a litter of five puppies where she says, “Once was enough!”


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