The Poet’s Corner: “The world is a better place with us in it (us stroke survivors)”

By Guest Author: John Yurgens

The world is a better place with us in it

This is true, If it were not so; we would all be victims and not survivors.

As I’ve said before victims are not around to talk about their stroke;  but survivors are.

God spared us for a reason, our work here not yet done

We must find our purpose and gifts and act upon them.

I know my purpose in life is to help other people, especially stroke survivors on their Journey.

One of my gifts is writing and sharing my words with you is my blessing.

I try to live my life to make the world a better place sharing Goodwill, joy  and positive energy everywhere I go with everyone I meet.


About the author

John Yurgens

John has a unique, and interesting story that cannot be condensed into such a small space. To read his full biography article about his family, his unfortunate stroke and how he found comfort and therapy in here.

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