The Poet’s Corner: Not alone

By Guest Author: John Yurgens

“Not alone” 

You are not alone

After being told you had a stroke

It was scary, uncertainty abounds, what’s next?

Some may believe we are the only ones to ever experienced this

What we are slogging through, nobody could ever understand

Arrogance or ignorance?  Perhaps a little of both.

We may think “I’m a strong person I can get through this!”

Although personal strength is not in question, it may prove helpful along your journey;

All need to understand the mental, emotional and physical challenges are very real.

Once we realize there are other stroke survivors, a bond can develop almost immediately, upon meeting

We are all different, each with our individual life experiences

Every stroke, rehab and Recovery is different

We face challenges, without definitions others can understand.  Hang onto connections with Fellow survivors, they understand.

We had a stroke!  The life we Knew no longer exists

We must all recognize we are not alone.   Supporting each other anyway we can.


About the author

John Yurgens

John has a unique, and interesting story that cannot be condensed into such a small space. To read his full biography article about his family, his unfortunate stroke and how he found comfort and therapy in here.

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