The Poet’s Corner – “Abbreviations”

By guest author: Eric Malooley



Clear-skied full moon calls

through open bedroom window-

tells me to leave my restless

dreams and join her in misty fields.


Heavy night snowfall.

This morning boys with shovels

over shoulders. Muffled laughter

moving down the street.


Icicles hanging

from an old watershed.

Sounds come from inside.


Dark. Buzzing, whirring

crackling. June bug crashes

into my window.


Two otters on a culvert

slipping in and out of my

back yard pond.


Birds spilling from tree

soaked up by ground. As I pass

they evaporate.


Dandelion fertile

blown out into blue-black sky.

A starry night.


March wind blowing hair

into brief sculptures. Sun

slips behind a cloud.


About the author

Eric Malooley

Eric Malooley is a Port Huron resident and lived most of his life in the area. A couple of attempts to leave (looking for gold in California and the sun in Florida) proved unsuccessful.
An Aquarian, Mr. Maloorley has an affinity for water, swimming, and fishing, subsequently, he has chosen to live out his remaining years in the Blue Water Area.
Mr. Malooley began his involvement with literature in the Blue Water Area as Editor-in-Chief of "Open Doors" in 1973. This was a creative publication of Port Huron High School with advisor Mary Jane Misenar. Later in the '70's, he helped establish "Patterns" (an annual literary magazine) with creative writing instructor Eleanor Matthews. He began writing poetry and prose in high school as an outlet for adolescent angst. This form of expression has continued to be an integral part in helping him maintain his mental/emotional health (sanity).
We hope you enjoy his works…

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