Part Three DIY Series: Pine cones

By Contributing Writer, Beth Vought

DIY Pine cones Series         #6

The painted flower effect is using a lighter, tighter pine cone, cut through the center stem about three scale steps up from the widest end. Start your cutting midway through the length of the cone. It may take several tries to get it right. When the cone suits you begin by painting the entire pine cone in your select color, dab ends with white. Let dry, then paint yellow into the center of top layer of cone with white around the edge. Again, let dry, then use your main color lightened with white to brush from the middle into the center top of cone, which will give you the detail flower look you’re going for. Add coordinating color lightly or even a bit of white once dried. Dry before either adding a ribbon, yarn or string to hang. If you want to make multiples of this type, you could hot glue them to a wreath form and have a gorgeous wreath to hang.


DIY Pine cones Series         #7

Wish to use cones individually as ornaments? Paint or use plain any cone of your choice. Make a narrow ribbon loop and hot glue to the base of your dry cone. Gather some appropriately sized lace or ribbon at one edge basting into it with medium size running stitches. Gather edge to fit the top of your cone, glue with either hot glue or thick craft glue with hanging ribbon out through middle of gathering. Pick up some pretty beads at a dollar or craft store or use things you have-to embellish the top of your cone. So pretty!

DIY Pine cones Series         #8

Like the last post, paint cones in a pretty paint and let dry. Have several for this arrangement, different sizes and shapes or all the same, either works great. Have coordinating narrow ribbon ready to glue to the base of each pine cone. You’ll want varying lengths to offset the cones when they hang. Hot or craft glue work best for this arrangement. If you wish for bells in with your pine cones, tie the matching ribbon to the loop on the bells you purchased. Gather all ends and bundle together. Be sure your items hang in a pleasing way-adjust before overhand knotting-close to the end of ribbons and glue to the back of a handmade or purchased coordinating semi-large bow. Dry then hang. You can also tie sprigs of greenery or a pick in the middle of the large bow.

DIY Pine cones Series         #9

Let’s make a wall hanging. We have pictured a mixed pine cone with acorns added, white painted style. If you would prefer another color, use whatever you like. Let the cones dry, before you dry fit to see how best you like them before gluing. Start with a small paper plate for your center base. Turn cones different ways to get your best placement. Use different sizes, fit together tightly for a solid piece of art and glue well. Some will fit best sitting upright, some point to center, others point outward and some you’ll want to layer.  Fit smaller cones into vacant spots left open to solidify your project. The center being layered will make it more solid and better able to withstand hanging. You can spoke out from the center as you like the looks of placing them around. Don’t make the branches too long, it will become flimsy. Tie a ribbon, string or wire to spoke end to hang. If they don’t appear that strong-make your hanger on the plate back. Add additional ornamentation if desired in whatever color you like.

DIY Pine cones Series         # 10

A few sections ago you trimmed a cone  down to use as a painted flower. Take the unused tips of those cones and cut off each scale into a small box to use for ornamentation. You can also cut apart new cones into just the scales. This project will take a lot of scales to cover. You may wish to cut these apart in short elements of time, it does get hard on your hands. These scales are glued individually to a base. They are great on roofs of birdhouses (picked up at dollar store), cone shapes or rolled heavyweight paper to make trees.  Start cutting each scale off the stem in the easiest accessible spot on the cone. Follow the contour of the stem and round slightly the base of each scale. If you cut on bias, adjust how you affix the scale to your project. You will glue with either hot glue or thick craft glue. If used for a roof, it will look like tiles on the roof. They maintain the slightly rounded shape for each scale. They are very attractive, not many other items have the same appearance. If you choose a slick, smooth object to cover, you need to rough up the outside to give it some ‘tooth’ in order to hold the scales/glue. Touch glue to the base cut of each scale and place on whatever you are covering. Start at bottom and layer to the top. Place scales side to side, close together and layer so that they slightly cover each other like shingles. (sides and top)

DIY Pine cones Series         #11

You can make a tree topper by gluing cones to a hollowed out foam ball, large enough to be fitted over your uppermost tree branch. Or wrap sturdy wire the correct size of the branch and glue cones to that. Cover the base form with your choice of cones, mostly sticking out from the form, of varying lengths and sizes of cones. Use either painted, glittered or plain cones-or mix some of each. It is supposed to be your distinctive creation. Toothpicks sometimes help hold small items to the foam ball while glue is drying.

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