The Power Of Grace

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Romans 5:20

“Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:”

Grace is the unmerited favor of God. If God gave any person what they deserved, He would give them an eternity in Hell. However, it was and is God’s grace that allows any person to get saved. The fact that it is God’s grace that allows a person to get saved verifies the fact that every person is a sinner. You cannot experience the grace of God without first being a sinner. Any believer who thinks they are something special has forgotten that they were a sinner who was saved by God’s grace. The verse above makes it clear that “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:” It is the power of grace that allows the believer to have the privilege and opportunity to be used by God. This verse shows us five things about the power of God’s grace.


First, grace is more powerful than sin’s condemnation. Every person was condemned by the law, yet it was God’s grace that saved them from sin. Sadly, many believers have forgotten that sin is what condemns, but grace is what forgives. You are either on the side of sin’s condemnation or grace’s forgiveness with the fallen believer depending upon your ability to forgive. I would much rather be on the side of grace’s forgiveness to forgive a fallen brother than on the side of sin’s condemnation that brings up their past. Always remember that grace is more powerful than sin’s condemnation.

Second, grace is more powerful than sin’s dominion. Romans 6:14 talks about sin’s dominion over a person, but grace is what gives you freedom from sin. My friend, you may feel controlled by your sin, but you can experience freedom if you will understand that fact that God’s grace has forgiven you and gives you the power to have freedom over your sin.

Third, grace is more powerful than sin’s guilt. Sin has a way of making a person feel so guilty about what they have done that they feel inadequate to be used by God. Never allow the guilt of sin to control you. No person whom God has used was used because of their sinlessness, but they were used because of God’s grace. The greater a person is used by God only reveals the greatness of God’s grace to use an individual. You must stop listening to the voice of guilt from past sins and start listening to the voice of grace that says you are forgiven. When you silence the voice of guilt and amplify the voice of God’s grace, you will find that your past is only a tool to show others of the greatness of God’s grace.

Fourth, grace’s supply is more powerful than sin’s death. The wonderful thing about God’s grace is that it abounds. Sin leaves you with death, but grace leaves you with hope. Sin leaves you in the tomb wrapped in the death cloths of sin, but grace gives you a resurrection and hope that God can use you mightily. No, you are not used because of your great abilities or talent, but you are used because “grace did much more abound.”

Fifth, grace’s power gives victory to become a servant of righteousness. Romans 6:18 shows how grace allows you to become a servant of righteousness. In other words, your past becomes God’s story of grace in your life to help others experience the freedom found in Christ Jesus. My friend, grace has the power to use you as a servant of righteousness if you will stop listening to sin’s voice. Let me encourage you to let the power of God’s grace become your story you use to help others overcome sin’s bondage.

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