New Year’s Resolutions, It’s Tune-up Time!

Erin Reno, Owner/Trainer, ER Fitness, Lexington, MI

By Karrie Beck

Anyone else bored with the same old fitness routines, classes, and machines? The hype of the New Year is wearing off, one of my resolutions to exercise more is beginning to dwindle, and if I don’t mix it up soon, I’ll surely fail! And fail BIG time-as per my usual exercise resolution history. As least, I’m consistent.

I began looking around at my options. I had my gym membership, which was okay for the most part, when I went. But I definitely lacked motivation to go. I enjoyed my yoga classes, again, when I went, and when they worked with my schedule. Yet, knowing I needed to get my heart rate up for a sustained amount of time for the short amount of time I had available, left me with a few options: running, and various good old-fashioned aerobic exercises. Oh sure, I could’ve ran or jogged for twenty minutes a few times a week, but I really didn’t want to put that extra strain on my knees, joints, etc. each and every time I wanted to reap those cardiovascular benefits. Plus, and this was a BIG one, I didn’t really LOVE to run. I liked it. I did it, but I didn’t desire it the same way others did. Workout partners helped to motivate me to get to the gym, but as busy lives go, things get in the way. Yes, it was an excuse and I’m not denying that, but I was trying to find a workable solution to my problem. I needed a trainer.

As all good things go, just as I started to ponder what to do, I coincidentally ran into my old neighbor. First of all, I do not believe in coincidences, I believe all things happen, just beautifully as they should, on purpose, for a purpose. Anyway, after running into my former neighbor, Erin Reno, she says to me, “Karrie, why are you no longer dancing? You used to love to dance when you were growing up.” And it hit me, she was right, I used to love to dance. Why wasn’t I trying to find ways to dance again? How soon we forget how insightful the people of our past can be. I asked her what she had been up to and she started telling me about the fitness studio she opened Lexington, MI, ER FITNESS. I did an online search of her studio, and the types of classes she offered and sure enough this was what I read. “We use diverse training protocols and modalities…Most classes involve a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, traditional strength training, and functional training…We can do whole cardio classes, but people often get stuck on “routines” and don’t improve or get stronger. To avoid boredom and plateaus, we add functional and strength training to aerobic exercise…including exercises that mirror things you do on a daily basis, as well as survival training to give you strength to get out of bad situations.” This was perfect! Exactly what my New Year’s resolution needed, a tune-up! Something catered to me and my short-attention span.

I have decided I will give her a call and try one of her classes. The first will be free! She will help me create a plan for setting and reaching my own personal fitness goals. I know I will need her expertise and knowledge. I will trust her extensive background and encouragement to be the missing link to prevent my typical exercise resolution failure.

I encourage you, our readers, to put some thought into your resolutions and see if they too could use a tune-up. It’s not too late to make some adjustments- if it was important enough to make the resolution, it is certainly important enough to re-visit it from time to time throughout the year.

To learn more about ER Fitness, class schedules and its trainers: Erin Reno and Melissa Tremmel and their extensive qualifications, visit the links provided.


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Karrie earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University and went to work as an educator for Port Huron Schools in 2002. During that time earned her Master’s Degree and began a journey which included teaching assignments in grades K-8. Blessed is how she refers to this opportunity to write and promote the local area she loves.

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