The most mysterious thing on the planet

By Contributing Writer, Vickie Johnston

Originally Published on December 20, 2017

Water’s not everything, it’s the only thing! Without clean water to drink we would all perish. Water is probably one of the most mysterious things on the planet, yet it is misused everyday. It’s the only element on earth that can take on three forms, a liquid, a gas and a solid. Water goes on an incredible journey that we never think about. The water you’re drinking in your home has traveled thousands of miles to get to you, whether it came from the heavens or deep in the earth.
The most interesting thing about water is nothing can live without it. Yet ALL our water is being polluted everyday, oceans and lakes. I’ve been researching water for 25 years and been studying the effects it has on our health. I’ve came to some startling conclusions.
Drinking water is one of the most important things you can do for your health. I was saying this 25 years ago. I was also saying it may become scarce as water will protect itself. Water has been going deeper and deeper into the ground to protect itself from all the toxins and poisons. What we don’t realize is that everything goes down the drain. All the cleaners we all use everyday commercially and in our homes, chemicals from manufacturing, pesticides used on crops, all the medications and drugs that everyone takes, legal and illegal, all the sewage that’s not being recycled, all the chemicals added by city municipalities. You can drink it again and so much more. No wonder everyone is sick, getting cancer and cannot get well. We are drinking a toxic soup every single day in every glass of water. The water we drink today has over 2,100 known toxic chemicals in it. Imagine making your beautiful little baby a bottle full of toxins and chemicals. Yikes!!!!
We do not understand what we have done to our water and how it is affecting our health today. That’s why I travel this country to tell people how to get well and stay well using my teaching series called “Body Works”. Your drinking water must be free of chemicals and toxins. I found the solution, my husband and I are living proof. You won’t believe the difference it makes in your health. We all drink water but the quality of water does change the quality and quantity of our lives. Please contact me for more info at: I am booking my schedule for 2018, it is filling up fast. Inquiring minds want to just hear the truth. Information is powerful and empowering!
Vickie Johnston, International Speaker, from Phoenix, AZ, is a dynamic teacher with over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. Her writing addresses how the human body works, and how everyday toxins and our water are affecting our lives and lives of those we love.
Providing our community with education and information in order to make informed decisions about your health is what Vickie is all about.
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