My Mother’s Spiritual Gift

By Contributing Writer, Sonya Francis

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Mind, Body, Spirit. We are one whole being. By dividing these three areas apart for a clearer understanding, we begin to make sense of their impact.  We have our physical body; our mind, that governs our life, and the spiritual, which can be foggy, as it was for me for many years.


My Mother, my best friend, became ill and passed away within 2 months of a rapidly deteriorating brain cancer.  It was in these 2 months of caring for Mom that spirituality began to make sense within me.  I watched as her mind & body failed, yet spiritually, she soared.

Each day, I told her how grateful I was to be there to take care of her. I talked daily with God, instead of just on occasion and began to hear answers. I was grateful to friends and family that visited, called, sent cards, texts, and flowers, as well as preparing meals.  So much love was brought into Mom’s room.  There wasn’t time to be anything but thankful, grateful and appreciate time.  A peace came over Mom and myself.  A high vibration of love lifted us, lifting our frequency and spirits.

Mom passed into her new spiritual life and I feel her presence daily.  I have times of sadness.  These days come when I spiritually get off course.  When the physical and emotional world gets the best of me. My spiritual time can be reconnected by spending time in nature, meditating, gardening, or spending time with our many pets.

There seems to be a fear of being divine that interferes with bringing spiritual energies into our lives.  There is so much energy focused on material power in the form of money, leadership, status and prestige.  It is in the pursuit of material power where we often find many of the problems that surface in our lives.  We are divine as we are made in the likeness of God, the divinity.  If we were to think of God as the Ocean, we might be a cup of water in that ocean.  We are a piece of the divine.  Material items don’t necessarily bring us closer to our divinity.

I was willing to solicit spiritual guidance in Mom’s last months.  I was willing to be tuned into a higher spiritual frequency of love and appreciation and listen for a response. It took moving closer to the higher frequencies of God and away from the lower frequencies of materialism to access and use the spiritual energy I needed to realize and see my life more clearly.  

I understand our spirituality to be our truth.  To become who we are and learn why we are here on Earth, at this time, and in this place, and with the people we meet.  We each need one another and each other’s unique gifts; none of us are the same.   In order to truly connect and figure out our purpose, we need to connect spirituality and listen.  Within us, our purpose lies. Each one of us could fill in this statement:   I am here to help others________________.   

After 20 years of working within the medical fields of animals and people, I had spiritually and emotionally left.  Physically, it took a bit longer to finally turn in my resignation.  It was surprisingly hard to leave the comfort that a job of 20 years brings to begin anew; I’m forging ahead.   I opened my own Wellness Office to aid others in the aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit.  It’s challenging to start over again, but Mom is by my side and I feel whole now. My spiritually is in tact and leading the way.

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  • Congrats Sonya very happy for you. I myself started to use oils. As I do feel they work. Take care and God bless you.

  • Congratulations Sonya. You have so much to be proud of. You sound so much like your mom. She was a wonderful person and great nurse. Good luck in the future … I hope to meet up with you and learn about your wellness clinic.

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