By John Yurgens

Originally Published on March 27th, 2018

Grieving is an individual process,
grieve at your own pace.
Only you know what you need.
Grieve the losses you have sustained.
Fret not, you are not alone.
Many have been challenged with losses.
No need for side by side comparison, we are all unique.
Much like grieving everyone measures losses in their own unique way.
Do not dwell on all you have lost,
focus your energy on the positive,
those things you love and still have the ability to do.
Thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns shared with family and friends;
will help you through the challenges of today and tomorrow, just as yesterday.
There are many reasons for loss and recovery.
None funny; but humorous situations that arise; we need to learn to laugh a little
The day may come when you will feel free and comfortable enough to laugh at your losses.
The emotional pain you feel right now, Will pass someday. As the sun dawns days anew recognize your blessings, you are here to witness them. Take full advantage of your second chance at life. Make a difference every day.
With a positive attitude and continued hard work and determination (okay stubbornness), there will be the potential to improve, on your journey. It will not be easy or fast, but when those improvements come, as small as they may seem to others, they should be celebrated, like leaving THAT wheelchair behind and using a walker or cane. Your journey may have bumps and unexpected road blocks.
Trust your instincts. Accept support and encouragement of others. Some, perhaps wiser, may have traveled a similar path, they may offer support and encouragement. That person may become that friend with whom you share your joys, frustrations or concerns. Losses hurt but they don’t need to be crippling.



John has a unique, and interesting story that cannot be condensed into such a small space. To read his full biography article about his family, his unfortunate stroke and how he found comfort and therapy in writing… click here.

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