It’s Certain Spring Is On The Way

By:  Bethanne Vought

Along with the sneezes and sniffling heard around the office, you can spot the red rimmed, runny eyes signaling the start to spring. Sure enough, seasonal allergies are beginning to make their unwelcome presence known. Your doctor will likely tell you there are things you can do to help combat your symptoms. Keep your windows and doors shut against outside allergens making their way into your home and avoid being outside in peak pollen times, which are mid-day to mid-afternoon. (Which just happens to be the best time to catch some rays) Sure, after months of being cooped up inside with winter beating against the walls, (or us whenever we venture out), we allergy bearers really want to stay locked in. Sitting in front of a brightly lit window isn’t the same as going out into the sunshine to feel your skin warm. Watching the branches on the trees move makes me want to get out and feel the warmth of the wind, instead of the bitter chill, even if I know the breeze is blowing pollen all over the area. Like most people who live in fluctuating seasonal areas, those suffering from allergies just want to get out and enjoy the first bright sunshine and feel the balmy breezes of Spring as soon as possible. We all want to open the windows and blow the old stale air out of our houses, open the glass covering the screens of our outer doors and open the inside door wide, just hoping to catch some extra wind to help blow out the house. After the long winter and house being closed tight, the air needs to finally flow around inside. Who wants to follow Dr’s advice and keep everything shut? Only those with enough experience to know that if they let the wind flow freely through their home, there will be a price to pay.  The price of replenishing their allergy kits, searching out the newest and best nasal spray, eye drops, and antihistamines along with feeling miserable while dealing with the effects of your allergies. Maybe the doctor’s do know the right things to help avoid those symptoms. After all no one wants to have those nasty physical reactions due to allergies. Who would want to buy the six pack of tissues at the store, three different kinds of nasal spray, and two different types of decongestant, non-drowsy for daytime and the night-time stuff to help you sleep. Not that you feel all that ambitious during the day, you’re still tired and worn out, along with sporting the red nose from using all those multi packs of tissue, the red rimmed, possibly swollen eyes-that itch-so forget any makeup, as well as sounding like a hoarse frog – so not your normal dulcet tones. Oh, well the life of those suffering seasonal allergies.


But on a positive note: the early morning is begun by the sound of the newly arrived songbirds to the area. Have you missed them over the long winter while they visited their other homeland? You know, the warm one, while we froze in the north. Well they’re back and making their presence known. Listen in the early hours of the day and see if you hear your backyard vocalists letting the neighbors know they have returned and are feeling loud and strong. Appreciate the lovely songs, -until it’s summer and they wake you hours earlier you need to get up!




As a longtime school secretary for Port Huron Schools, Beth Vought is no stranger to writing. Now retired, she’s excited to start this new creative writing endeavor. She has lived in the Blue Water area her entire life and has over thirty years’ experience sewing, crafting, along with other handy work. Beth has three grown children, two current fur babies and been married 35+ years. No grandchildren yet, but she did help deliver a litter of five puppies where she says, “Once was enough!”

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