“…I am on a better path and I have the pregnancy center to thank for helping me find my way back.”

Jennifer MacDonald, Executive Director of Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center, shares this testimonial written by a client who says, “My pregnancy saved my life. The Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center is saving my future.”

  … I was going through a rough time and I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. My faith was lost, my morals, beliefs and standards had disappeared. I downed every bottle I could get my hands on, just to numb the emptiness I felt so deeply within myself. I had been carelessly sleeping with a man I barely knew.  A few weeks later, I dropped to my knees in tears, because the test showed positive.  I was scared; I had always promised myself to wait. I always dreamed of becoming a mother under different circumstances.

    I quickly scheduled an appointment with the Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center, to find out if I really was pregnant. I remember my heart pounding as Barb (BWPCC Volunteer Advocate) checked on the test results. She left for a few moments, and I sat on that leather couch, bouncing my knees, my hands clammed together. I found myself praying for the first time in years. Praying that I would be okay. Praying that if I really was pregnant, to show me the way. Wherever He wanted me to go. Barb came back within a few minutes and confirmed that indeed the pregnancy test was positive. I just stared at the paper, while she continued to talk about adoption, abortion, or parenting the baby.  Though she didn’t say it, I knew she didn’t want me to choose abortion. 

   Three months down the road…I am going to prenatal classes, listening and learning with Evelyn, RN (BWPCC Pre-Natal Instructor). She prays before starting the lesson for every class. By then most of my “friends” have gone and I was living with my sister at her trailer, which was in really bad shape.

One Friday, Evelyn had read a prayer for class and it was inspiring us to leave those who don’t care for our well being behind, to move towards God and a better way of living. I moved out of the trailer that weekend. Finding a clean and safe place has been an extreme challenge. I am now six months pregnant and still going to my classes with Evelyn.  I’ve been regaining my faith, and when I feel alone, I have my son and Evelyn.

            When I get frustrated and just feel like quitting, I open my Bible to find a message. Because of my own choices, I became pregnant and was completely alone. My classes and Evelyn, made me feel less and less alone. And being somewhere where I can be open with my new faith just makes it even better. I’ve grown into a much better person than I have been in a long time. I can’t help, but think without BWPCC, I would not have flourished in the way I have and still am. I will never be able to show enough gratitude for what the Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center has done for me. I tell everyone I talk to about the Center and how much you can learn and be in a safe place. It is a place that I will eventually tell my son how much it saved our lives.

PS – My family has started coming together again, and I believe that’s because I am on a better path and I have the pregnancy center to thank for helping me find my way back.”



Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center
1211 Griswold St.
Port Huron, MI 48060

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