Soaring Dreams Inc. Takes Flight!

By Guest Author: Julie McCoy

I would like to thank the readers for the many favorable responses I received regarding my first article. I have also received a number of donations that have helped Soaring Dreams Inc. move to the next phase of our plan. Bless you for your continued financial assistance and wonderful support.

This week, I’d like to focus on the task at hand: Leasing a building for Soaring Dreams Inc.
Our Special Needs folks have an array of disabilities, and this organization will strive to accommodate their needs, to the best of our ability. Most people do not comprehend the enormity of this task, but we will focus on requirements for individual needs. We will not place people in cookie cutter molds, but strive for success for each individual.
After searching for a building that is within the organization’s budget, and suitable for a resale/thrift shop, we found one. Well, almost found the building. The lease is definitely within our budget, but it is not suitable for our individuals to come in and begin the task of sorting, cleaning, and repairing our many wonderful donations received from the community.
The building requires quite a bit of work for our basic needs. Laura MacDonald, our co-founder, and I have started the process of writing a proposal for changes we are hoping and praying the owner will agree to. After starting the proposal, I soon realized the immensity of our requests. We are stressing the need for additional but vital accommodations for some of our Special Needs folks. The restrooms will require the most work in order to have particular specifications that will be essential. When the individuals come in to volunteer, our first and foremost consideration is their safety and dignity. We want our folks to understand that we recognize, and care about their individual needs, and will provide facilities that will comply with those needs. We do not want any volunteer to be uncomfortable, but to understand that we value their participation. We are also looking to have a new double door with handicapped accessibility so that our individuals can enter without assistance. Any equipment that has, “Handicapped,” attached to it costs, on average, three times more than items that do not. Knowing the cost of items and our lack of funds to make those changes has propelled us into soliciting people who will donate their time and skills in helping to build our bathrooms, walls, and floors. A couple of people have stepped up to offer their knowledge and work to help us through this struggle. Fortunately, a few of us moms know how to swing a hammer and paint a wall, but we will be searching for other volunteers that can assist us in this endeavor, provided the owner agrees to our requests.

If you are willing to help, please contact me directly at
Our proposal is about ready to be printed out and submitted to the owner. If the owner agrees and negotiations have been accepted, I will introduce that person for the kudos he will most certainly deserve.
See you next week.

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About the author

Julie McCoy

Julie McCoy is the mother of an adult son with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Now retired, she has worked in many different fields, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Human Resource Administration through Concordia University. She also worked as a substitute teacher, requesting Special Education classes. She is involved at the state level in an Advisory Implementation Group comprising 50 other individuals from within the state working on a mandate from the federal government called Home and Community Based Service Waiver or HCBS waiver. This waiver comprises of moving persons on Medicaid and are I/DD from specific segregated facilities to the greater community. Her goal is to establish a location that will not only serve the community, but will strengthen the abilities of, and bring recognition to, one of the most vulnerable populations in our country.

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