A Grandpa’s Time to Cherish

By guest author: Don DeMara

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I recently experienced one of those moments in time that, as a Grandpa, you hope you will remember and cherish for all time concerning my young granddaughter.  Over the years, she has stayed overnight many times.  Since I’m a morning person I would always be up early and most of the time be laying down on the couch, in the dark, watching the news.  Normally I would hear her trying to open the door into our family room as she came in.  At that time, I would quickly change the TV to her favorite cartoon network and pretend to be asleep.  She would come in and climb up on top of me with her “blanky,” wrap it around herself, and start watching cartoons.  I would then pretend to be just waking up, yawning and stretching, which would induce laughter and giggles knowing she had surprised Grandpa by not hearing her come in.  Most times this would be followed up with me tickling her which would really get her going with squeals of laughter, and putting a big smile on my face.


Now she is 6 ½ years old going on 16 and just had stayed overnight.  So yep, there I was in the early morning watching TV and I hear the door starting to open.  I quickly change the channel and pretend to be asleep as she takes the soft throw off the couch and comes over and hops on Grandpa’s side.  I then realized … what happened to my little granddaughter? She was this cute, cuddly, small bundle of love.  She is still cute and cuddly, but she keeps growing on Grammy and me!!  As we keep telling her, we need to put some books on her head to stop her from growing so fast.  She is changing into her wonderful mother, plus becoming a regular Chatty Cathy.  This revelation makes me ponder just how many more times will she come and sit on or with Grandpa, cuddle, or just enjoy being tickled?  Time is fleeting, as there will come a time, probably sooner than later, when she will no longer want to do this as she will be “too big, Grandpa.”  As I’m sure it was with me when I was her age, you can’t wait to grow up, but you don’t or shouldn’t realize how sad this may be for those that love you a bunch.

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