To donate or not to donate?

By Guest Author, Julie McCoy

The wait has been grueling. Still no response from the owner of the building we are attempting to acquire for lease. Stay tuned!

At our last Board of Director’s meeting there was a discussion on some of the items we were receiving as donations. I will spare the details of what was found in bags and boxes. As a group, we decided to come up with a list of items we will not take for our shop. These are items we would not purchase if available and certainly if we didn’t know the previous owner. Some items are obvious but, to clarify what we will accept is in bold below.


We decided that used undergarments would not be appropriate. Even if bleached and scrubbed that would not be acceptable. New or Used mattresses. We won’t have room for them. New or old Paint! Used or outdated electronics. Community Enterprises has the ability to properly dispose of them and may take those items. Old textbooks! I even have difficulty throwing out old books. Check with the library, they may have a use for them, if not, out they should go. Used bed pillows. Sometimes we just have to be rid of items we no longer use or need. Appliances that are broken or unable to be repaired.

As we continue to collect and receive items we will probably add a few more to our list. For now, those are the seven we discussed. Please do not think for a minute we don’t appreciate the things we get; some articles just can’t be sold to people. As an organization, we want to value our customers and provide items that we ourselves would purchase if we wanted or needed them.

We are very anxious to start our venture. If this building will not be available for one reason or another, we will continue to collect donated items and use storage units to house them. I am completely out of room in my garage and basement! If someone knows of an inexpensive but secure storage company, please pass it along to me. Better yet, if someone is willing to donate storage in a large building for next to nothing, we would be interested. Speaking of buildings, if for some reason this deal does not happen and someone has a +3000 sq. ft. building in St. Clair County that we could lease for a reasonable amount, let me know.

For now, we are in a holding pattern!


Julie McCoy is the mother of an adult son with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Now retired, she has worked in many different fields, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Human Resource Administration through Concordia University. She also worked as a substitute teacher, requesting Special Education classes. She is involved at the state level in an Advisory Implementation Group comprising fifty other individuals from within the state working on a mandate from the federal government called Home and Community Based Service Waiver or HCBS waiver. This waiver comprises of moving persons on Medicaid and are I/DD from specific segregated facilities to the greater community. Her goal is to establish a location that will not only serve the community, but will strengthen the abilities of, and bring recognition to, one of the most vulnerable populations in our country.

Blue Water Healthy Living is all about helping a business such as Soaring Dreams Inc., start up and grow. We appreciate living in a community where we support one another; working together to help others serve.

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