You Can’t EAT Healthy Anymore

By Guest Author: Vickie Johnston

With over 84,000 toxic chemicals in our environment, staying health has become a tough task. There are over 3,000 known chemicals in our drinking water alone, with more being introduced all the time, no one, including scientist can keep up.

Who knows what you are really eating and drinking every day. The average consumer is unaware of the poisons we all are consuming daily. I know I didn’t.
I was buying organic food, bottled water and vitamins, trying everything to stay healthy. I thought I knew what I was doing. I listened to credible doctors, read books, went to numerous seminars over the years and woke up one day, only to find I had been wasting my money. Until you understand how the human body works and what it needs to stay well, it’s impossible to stay well and you can fix it.

It’s like taking your car for repairs to someone who is not a mechanic and asking them to fix it. They can’t, without the internal knowledge about the multiple systems that make that car go. It’s all connected together, just like your body. If just one thing goes wrong, it doesn’t work right. Oh sure, the radio knob can break and many other small things can go wrong and the car will still go down the road but not at optimal performance or functionally the way it was designed. Put diesel in a gas motor and watch what happens. You won’t be going anywhere. They are both fuel for vehicles, but there is a big difference in them. The human body is all about fuel for energy to perform the quadrillions of processes it does every second without one thought from you.
The human body is the same way; you have quadrillions of processes going on at the same time. When all the systems do not function the whole body begins to wear out, break down and eventually fall apart. When it comes to our car or anything in our home breaking down, we get it fixed immediately. Why when it comes to our health we neglect it until, it’s too late or it’s a major challenge to fix it or we seek help from someone who really doesn’t understand how to maintain it or fix it? The human body can and does heal itself when given what it needs. Toxic water and foods contributes to overworking ALL of the body systems. The human body has become a toxic dump for what we call food and water! The body must cleanse before it will use its energy to heal. The body must protect itself first. Clean water is your body’s best defense. I am not talking about RO water or bottled water. Neither have what your body needs to do its job, In fact both are contributing to the breaking down of your body. While they may be clean of chemicals, it’s robbing your body of minerals. The bottled water biz has made billions, while simply filtering the water, and in most cases is no better than tap water. This generation is what I call the bag, box, can, fast food junkies. If we can’t get “food or water” in one of those forms we typically don’t eat or drink it.
Even when we buy organic foods, we still are missing the entire ship! Organic doesn’t mean chemical free, it means it’s on the outside of the plant not the inside. Most food is treated with pesticides with oil based petroleum that doesn’t wash off, even foods labeled organic. Organic also means in it is grown in poop! It is no guarantee that there are no pesticides on the food. The newest threat to our health is GMO’s. We could talk on this all day long. All I will say on this today is, if the bugs won’t touch it, should we?  Unless you ask or know how to tell, chances are it has pesticides in it or on it and GMO foods are now invading our food chain.

There are over 84,000 toxic chemicals in our environment today with hundreds of millions of chemical compounds present.  It is growing at an alarming rate. Just 100 years ago, many of the chemicals being used today did not exist, at least not in a known form. This includes the chemicals needed to produce things like modern medicines, gasoline, plastics, cigarettes, soda, pesticides, make up, perfumes, personal care products and baby products, cleaning supplies; the list just goes on and on. You would be shocked at how many chemicals are in your home, outside of a bottle!  On average every man walks out his door every day with over 200 chemicals on or in his body and women walk out with over 400! In addition to the chemicals already being used in the modern world, more chemicals are coming into existence every day, is hard to determine because there are over 10,000,000 hydrocarbons alone. The majority of hydrocarbons found on earth naturally occur in crude oil. Chemicals are affecting our food chain and our health as new compounds are being created daily.

Another culprit to our health, drugs! We have also been taught to run to the drug store or the doctor the minute something goes wrong to fix our problem. You need to ask yourself, why is this happening and how can I change it? Drugs just mask the problem, when we need to be fixing the problem. The chances we are doing something right here for our body is slim to none. There is a time and place in our journey for drugs, but we have let the pendulum swing too far, as we human usually do. I worked in a hospital; I know there are times when drugs are necessary. Drugs are all regulated by the FDA. Why? They are ALL toxic and at some point they can kill you. We all know drugs to not heal; they mask body systems or cause parts of the body to react, in hopes the body will respond and correct the problem. Take laxatives for instance, they cause the intestines to convulse, causing a violent action hoping to get a reaction.  We are over working our digestive system by giving it “stuff” we call food and drugs, the body has no idea what it is! The body fights hard against all invaders. It doesn’t recognize drugs, toxins, poisons or anything other than what it is composed of as nutrients, vitamins and minerals, these are allies. The body is 70% water, yet what does our diet consists of? For most Americans, 85% to 95% of acidic food or drinks like coffee, soda, sports drinks, or tea, none of which qualify as water to the body.

The bottom line here is until you know what, you will never understand why! We are on a mission; to teach people what we have learned about staying healthy in todays overburdened toxic World. We offer free educational classes to help people who want to know what and how. There is so much you can do to stay well. According to the American Cancer Society, 1 out of every 2 men will die or develop cancer and 1 out of every 3 women will die or develop cancer. What? In America, how is that possible in 2017? Yet, no one considers this an epidemic? This is a plague of massive proportion, and most of it is preventable if you know what to do. This goes beyond a gene pool! We must ALL have something in common, we do we all eat, drink and breathe toxic chemicals every day! Our cats and dogs are developing cancer, we don’t eat the same food but we do drink the same water! Hmmmm….are some pieces of the puzzle coming together here?
After I retired in 2006, I went on a massive hunt to find out why for 30 years I thought I was doing the right thing, only to find out, I wasn’t doing all the right things. With all the toxins and chemicals, irradiated foods, ELF waves, and now GMO’s in our environment, the game has really changed. You need to become a wise consumer, you and your family’s health depend on it. We are what we eat and drink.

Doctors say our children’s health will be worse than ours due to a lifetime of eating and drinking chemicals. We bring in nutritionist, scientists, chemists, doctors, and people who been there, done that to help educate you. We travel the Country to help educate people. Your only hope is to educate yourself so you can make an informed decision when you are about to spend your hard earned money. My world is not the one my folks had just 70 years ago.

If you lost your car, you lost something, if you lose your house, you lost something, lose your health, you lost everything. “A wise man is his own doctor first” tm I believe your health matters and you can fix it!

I like what Deepak Chopra says,” The definition of health is returning to wholeness. If you take care of your well-being, you have contributed to the well-being of the World.”

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  • This article was full of great information. It seems we ALL need to start with defensive eating and drinking. I think we need to help educate those we love and leave this planet better for the next generation. I guess it is never to late to start. Thank you for sharing this article!!

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