Beth Vought shares part two of her DIY pine cone series

Originally Posted November 11, 2017

By Guest Author, Beth Vought

DIY Pine cones Series        #2

The painted wreath is more time consuming. Choose the cones you wish and spray them with several coats to get the effect you want. To minimize mess-spray within a cardboard box in a well-ventilated area. Light quick coats, multiple times works best. Flip the cones around to coat all sides. They don’t have to be monotone, you can choose tone on tone or multi-hued, pastel or jewel tones. Pick whatever is your taste or the taste of the one you’re gifting it to. Use coordinating ribbon for the bow. For an inexpensive wreath cut a circle out of cardboard and hot glue the dried cones covering the cardboard. You can wrap the board in ribbon, paper, or paint it to match the cones. That way you don’t see the cardboard when finished. You can use a heavyweight paper plate to glue the cones to, (cut out center) a wire wreath form, or a foam wreath. Be sure to get a form that can be used with your glue gun. Some hot glue guns will melt the foam ones. Use a low temp gun. Layer the cones around to fill in the entire area of the wreath. Cover as much as you can, tightly. A minimum of three layers works best. Begin at the innermost circle, then work your way to the outside filling in as tightly as you can. If desired, you can fill in empty areas with picks, greenery, or small ornaments. If you have a theme, choose small items in your theme and fill in your cone wreath with those. It is so gratifying to tell admiring friends that you made it. You can make one for them, or teach them how to make their own. (as you make a second or third) You won’t want to stop at just one. For fun, why not create a candy wreath? Glue individually wrapped candy that you know is a favorite between the cones. The recipient can carefully unwrap the candy, while leaving the wrapper for decoration. Keeping the wreath intact, while enjoying the treats.


DIY Pine cones Series        #3

Want a pine cone heart? Get two very similar sized cones with tight scaled lengths. Glue the two points together, fitting tightly about ¾ of the length. The two bases come apart at the top, taking the shape of a heart. You can use plain or painted cones. Wouldn’t a blue and pink cone put together be a nice gift for new sweethearts or two reds sprayed for valentine’s day? Or a new couple’s favorite colors.

DIY Pine cones Series        #4

Want glittered pine cones? While your paint is wet, sprinkle your choice of glitter over the cone. You can also paint glue over the cone and sprinkle glitter over them. Sprinkle your glitter over a paper to use as a catchment, so you can pour your glitter back into the vessel and save as much as possible. Glue would be considered Mod Podge©, white school glue, or other thick glue watered down by half. These will work very well. Use clear, fine glitter, heavier colored glitter or any combination you choose. The more open scaled pine cones work best for this application.

DIY Pine cones Series        #5

Want a cute Christmas garland (DIY of course) Paint several cones in your chosen Christmas color. Pick up some coordinating narrow ribbon and tie small bows. Continue tying down the length of the ribbon without cutting each bow. You will soon catch on to how far to move down the ribbon once you begin tying and it moves quickly once you get the hang of it. Once you have as many bows as needed, cut them apart into a small box. Cut the ends square or angled to your preference. Touch those raw ends with a flame to seal. Don’t burn the ends, just quickly heat to melt that raw edge. Glue a small loop of jute, yarn or string to the bottom of each dried painted pine cone. Use hot glue or thick craft glue. School glue does not work well on this step. Cut a length of whatever you choose for the garland string. Suggestions would be ribbon, yarn, string, thin para cord, jute or a simple crochet cord to tie pine cones on. If you crochet a string, make it up to an inch wide and place short cut strings (yarn) along the length where you wish your cones placed. Those short strings will tie to each of the loops on your prepared cones. Glue your ribbon bows to the top of each cone where it is tied. Allow to dry, and hang your festive garland.


As a longtime school secretary for Port Huron Schools, Beth Vought is no stranger to writing. Now retired, she’s excited to start this new creative writing endeavor. She has lived in the Blue Water area her entire life and has over fifty years experience sewing, crafting, and other handy work. Beth has three grown children, two current fur babies and been married 35+ years. No grandchildren yet, but she did help deliver a litter of five puppies where she says, “Once was enough!”

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