Author - Julie McCoy

Julie McCoy is the mother of an adult son with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Now retired, she has worked in many different fields, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Human Resource Administration through Concordia University. She also worked as a substitute teacher, requesting Special Education classes. She is involved at the state level in an Advisory Implementation Group comprising 50 other individuals from within the state working on a mandate from the federal government called Home and Community Based Service Waiver or HCBS waiver. This waiver comprises of moving persons on Medicaid and are I/DD from specific segregated facilities to the greater community. Her goal is to establish a location that will not only serve the community, but will strengthen the abilities of, and bring recognition to, one of the most vulnerable populations in our country.


A Mother’s Instinct

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I would like to turn your attention to a story about my son, Nolan.
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