Author - Emilee Kinney

Emilee grew up in Emmett, Michigan and is a graduate from Yale High School now attending Albion College to pursue a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. She is on the Albion College Women’s track team, is the Vice President of Late Night Events for Albion’s Union Board, and the Poetry Editor for the Albion Review. Emilee mentors elementary students at the Harrington Elementary School in Albion, Michigan and enjoys walks in the college’s Whitehouse Nature Center. When home from school, you can find her on the water, in the woods, or in the barn with her horses. Emilee loves her friends, her family, and her poetry.


A Passion for Writing

Little Pigeon River Rescue A short story by Emilee Kinney Down the steep staircase, Austen bounded after her little brother. “Don’t forget to let mom...


To the Red Sky

To the Red Sky   To the sun: cordial, calm, and alight, to the colors it casts across the sky just before clear starry nights.   To the...