Author - Dianne Kemp

Dianne Kemp was born in Detroit and moved to Lexington at age 9. She received her Associate Degree in Nursing Science in 1972 from SC4, and a Bachelors in Healthcare Psychology from Graceland College (Iowa) in 1996.
Dianne’s career developed from her love of babies. She was a Maternal Child nurse for 45 years – developing and teaching childbirth and parenting education classes, working as an RN in Mother Baby Care and was the first lactation consultant in the county. She is now volunteering as a chaplain at River District Hospital since losing her vision in her left eye due to a retinal detachment in 2010.
Dianne is the proud mother of three children (one who was disabled and passed away in 2007) and two grandchildren.


Little Bean

By Dianne Kemp BA, RN
I met many interesting couples while teaching childbirth and parenting education.  There are some that have left an indelible...


Stand In

By Dianne Kemp, BA, RN
I met a great couple in my childbirth class in 2002.  I’ll refer to them as Cindy and Mike. They were very excited...

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